Frequenty Asked Questions

What is a Background Check Report? 
A Background check report is a consumer report. At most, it can include an analysis of your work history, your educational credentials, the people you know, along with a full credit report. It can also include your credit payment records, driving records or criminal history. The inquiries should be related to the job.

What is a Education Verification Report?
The Education verification report will include dates of attendance, degree, major or program, and graduation date, if applicable.

What is a Employment Verification Report?
An employment verification is a method of verifying dates of, or gaps in, employment and positions held with the HR or Accounting departments of a candidates previous employer

How is the Education Verification done? 
Educational Institute / University from where the candidate graduated is contacted for the verification

How is an Employment Verification done?
HR department of the organization is contacted and provided details are verified.

What is a VINFORM Verification Certificate?
VINFORM verification certificate is an online certificate issued to you, which verifies your educational/employment or both the qualifications to a potential employer or for any other purpose. This online certificate is available for you and for anyone else who has your username or VINFORM ID.

How long is the VINFORM certificate valid for?
The certificate is valid for 5 years from the Verification date

How do I get in touch with Customer service?
Please use the contact form for any questions or concerns. Please indicate your User name and Order number when contacting us with a question about your verification order.

How can I order a report for someone else?
At the moment VINFORM can only by used to verify yourself. If you want to order a background check for someone else or if you are corporate/business house interested in bulk verifications please visit to order such report.

How much time does it take for VINFORM to make my report?
Most orders are processed in a turn-around-time (TAT) of 10-15 DAYS. In case of transit delays, or national holidays, the report could take longer to be completed.

Can I get proof of my verification?
Yes, you can. Please contact our customer care using the Contact form for further details