VINFORM is a new background check service, which enables candidates to certify their own integrity by verifying and certifying their employment and educational credentials issued in India. Founded by the expert team at AMS Inform,one of the largest background verification & checking providers in India with over 15 years of track record and thousands of verifications being done every month, VINFORM works completely online; the order process, payments and reports are all delivered online. 




What makes VINFORM different from other background check services is that VINFORM services are meant for a potential employee, someone who is looking for a job, which could be you to  to gain a competitive edge over others in finding the perfect job by simply verifying your educational and employment credentials and then passing on the VINFORM ID or a printed copy of the verification certificate with every resume you send.

An employer can easily check your verification report online and gauge your credentials even before you are called for an interview, which improves your chances by over 1000%. Having a VINFORM ID, also speeds up a verification after you are hired as well, because your credentials are already verified.

Do remember that VINFORM services are only meant to be used for ordering your own verification report, you cannot use it to order a report for your friend, employee or someone else.  For such verifications, please contact our parent, AMS Inform @www.amsinform.com.